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The character's pose really suits him, along with the implement he also carries. The sword in place of his usual axe gives it a differe...

Ganon: Ruler All the Darkness by twiligirl1

You did well with Ganon. Yet i do not know what this Ganon character is; i haven't played through much of the Zelda series. I would not...

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I cannot identify this flower that you have taken the photo of. Yet it is beautiful, and i doubt i have seen anything like that where i...

My mom's old desktop is officially fucked, which incapacitates me once again. I may be logistically unable to upload several drawings that i've promised, including a beast boy/raven gift for José, some Fuuma panels, group photo(s) of the Krazoa society, my proposed Easter drawing involving several bunny girls and Jesus Christ himself, etcetera.

Jose-Ramiro, yo quiero por tú scientar; semblanza tu récord histórico invocando un Cybercafé, tú hoy nada extensas estas sola. Y no preocupas; me ergo á tu foto cumpleaños hoy. Más, probablemente necesitó visitar un Cybercafé á me auto.
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Rohan Roger David Zener
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Ich bin heute komfortet für Ihr talen, ich bin einem massiven Multilingual (englisch, französisch, deutsch, spanisch, norwegisch, chinesisch, japanisch, hebräisch.

Meine neueste Denken ist von Quantenphysik, ich wil bald auf YouTube aufladen. (Realment, es getan!)

Meine Regeln:

1. Ihr könnt mir blockieren, wenn ich einen Schmerz oder feindlich geworden, aber sonst keine Zeit. Ich will ähnlich tun.
2. Ihr müsst nicht diagnostizieren mich mit Autismus, oder Ihr werdet DAUERHAFT gesperrt! (Ich litt schwer in meiner Kindheit wegen eines.)
3. Ich will nicht Hassreden akzeptieren.
4. Ich bin ein Sozialist. Es akzeptieren.

(1: You may block me if i become a pain or hostile, but no time else. I will do the same.
2: You must not diagnose me with autism, or you will be REMOVED! (I suffered badly in my childhood due to such an unfair and false diagnosis.)
3: I will not accept hate speech.
4: I am a socialist. Deal with it.)

Croyez-vous, à la langue Anglais mourra, jamais? 

No deviants said Oui (Callez quand!)
No deviants said Pas jamais!


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ps2fan Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm an Animaniacs fundie.
(I don't mean in a vein similar to ""Christian" fundamentalists", which aren't real Christians at all, and only cough up frothing, rabid hatred, but rather one who wants to get back to the basics and start anew (That's what the word means, really.)
I want to collect the shattered pieces of said community and stitch them together, making a clean community, with freedom for OCs and fetishes, within reason of course.
As in, fetishes most people would either find disgusting, or just not have, are the ones that aren't allowed.
And, to also portray the Warners (Along with the other characters, although I don't know scant as much about them) as accurately as possible, with some room for free interpretation of canon into their oown personal portrayal (For example, I noticed the Warners tickle Otto's feet in the intro, so I assumed they had a foot and/or tickle fetish, at least for Wakko and Yakko.) 
But not things that are obviously wrong, such as any of the Warners being portrayed as incestuous or homosexual (The boys are always flirting with females, and Dot is always flirting with men, so there's no evidence there. And, if they DO kiss the same sex, it is only to annoy that person or disgust them, or possibly for comedy. (This may be true for the tickling as well, but ,as I said, YMMV)
Sorry for always sending you walls of text, but I'm into the thinking that you're one of the only people on here who'd read them.
ErraticBASARAfan Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It also does fit those Christians, who adhere to (and believe according to) five main rules known as the fundamentals; without which they believe nobody is a true Christian. These rules are:

:bulletblue: Jesus Christ was God in human form. No wonder then, how he lied, cheated, and was just as narcißistc as God Himself.
:bulletyellow: Mary, Jesus's mother, was a virgin and not impregnated by a man, but God.
:bulletblue: Jesus Christ made final atonement on a Roman crux with his own blood for mankind to God. Of course this is impoßible given his narcißism and crimes against jews and gentiles alike.
:bulletyellow: Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead and will one day return to Earth to judge humanity. Really? We'd better prepare to fend him off, then!
:bulletblue: Every word of the Bible is true as originated from God; no contradictions or lies. Most blatantly impoßible.

Those ones coughing up frothing, rabid hatred are in fact extremists; like you've mentioned, the Westboro Baptist Church, and Lake Joondalup is on a slippery slope to being one too, and the Catholic Empire is a big one.
ps2fan Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not all Catholics are bad-- I know plenty who are very nice people. 
But like I said, your mileage may vary. :XD:
ps2fan Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can see you're still interested in operating systems!
I encourage you to check these guys out too:
2. 2008WindowsVista:…
4. Techsnap:
Here are a few summaries too, so you can find the most interesting one first:
MajorSky17 is a British OS enthusiast who has a massively detailed history of the development of Windows XP and Windows 95, and is working on one for Longhorn (Vista.)
2008WindowsVista is an American OS junkie who's done interesting GUI transformations in attempting to make one OS look like another, and he did a damn good job given some of the subject OSes he used, and their limitations (For example, turning Windows 98 into Longhorn, where there is no theme engine)
ReelDeel is another American OS expert who provides quick, to the point, and easy to understand looks at verious systems.
And despite how short his videos are, they are packed with things to learn.
Techsnap is another British guy who's much of the same, and he's provided quite a few detailed walkthroughs of OSes (Including Longhorn, and other prototypes, but his videos aren't as detailed as OSFirstTimer's are.)
ErraticBASARAfan Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Which math actually makes up surprisingly much of; and just today, i demonstrated how the surcell volume of a 4D hypersphere, 2π2r3, could have been derived.

As in, how could the relatively-simple OS of a graphing calculator come about unleß there were at least two parameters (data) for positioning!
ps2fan Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see your point! :XD:
thanks fo rthe watch
ErraticBASARAfan Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Since you and i like some things in common, i thought each other's galleries would open us to more ideas.
not much some things, and my gallery aint much ideas though
ErraticBASARAfan Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Tell me about it; 'Charchu' seems to be your favourite concept.
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